What is intense pulsed light?

Apply lightIntense pulsed light (IPL) is the most advanced form of the popular range of light-based therapies, which began with laser treatments more than a decade ago.

IPLs deliver short, high intensity bursts of light energy. These are selectively absorbed by the target structures on the skin (like the hair shaft) and converted into heat, which induces the desired therapeutic effect (like disabling hair re-growth.)

This intense pulsed light can be used to provide safe and effective permanent hair reduction, removal of pigmented blemishes and thread veins and a variety of skin rejuvenation therapies.

Lasers can also offer these treatments. However they are very expensive, bulky and have more restricted applications. Different lasers are often required for different conditions but the latest IPLs are completely versatile.

The history of light-based therapies

The original discovery of the hair removal powers of light came about by accident. In 1979 the University of Wales’ laser physicist, Professor Marc Clement, inadvertently exposed his forearm to a laser beam and discovered that hair no longer grew in the exposed area.

Professor Clement was commissioned in the early nineties by the then Secretary of State for Health Kenneth Clark to develop a machine for effectively and comfortably treating skin conditions like port wine stains. Following this work he went on to develop the world’s first lasers for hair removal based on his earlier discovery and established a Swansea-based manufacturer of medical lasers. This company won the first FDA (The US Department of Food & Drug Administration) approvals for laser-based hair removal, acne treatment and non-invasive wrinkle reduction.

More recently, Professor Clement joined forces with several world leaders in light sciences to create iPulse technology through their company CyDen Ltd. The team includes Jan Simonsen, the Danish founder of Bang & Olufsen’s little known but important medical device division. CyDen remain at the forefront of IPL technology; overcoming further aesthetic and medical challenges under the brand name iPulse.

The ePulse system provides a cost-effective IPL solution for system for the effective treatment of hair removal, skin rejuvenation, epidermal pigmentation and acne. This portable and easy to use system with optional trolley from UK manufacturer Energist Group is designed to provide high flexibility with exceptional performance.

This highly portable and easy to use range offers a number of unique features:

ePulse IPL System

Large Spot Size for Fast and Economical Treatment

The ePulse has been designed to provide the most effective clinical treatment, in the quickest time. A proprietary double lamp cartridge system enables uniform energy delivery over a large 8.9 cm2 spot size, facilitating dramatically quicker treatment times and lower treatment costs as fewer shots are required on each area.

Exceptional Resultsepulse-delighted-brochure-image

The long square pulse delivered by the ePulse enables consistent energy delivery for exceptional results with relatively low energy, whilst minimising side effects caused by more aggressive irregular pulse shapes.

User-Friendly Interface

Adjustment of settings has been simplified so that little time is wasted setting the device up for different clients. The ePulse provides the user with a choice of operating modes, allowing either the selection of parameters by treatment type and skin type, or by individual programmes. The more advanced user will be able to operate a selection of individual programs to give maximum flexibility of treatment parameters.

Easy-Change Lamp Cartridge System

A proprietary double-lamp cartridge system alerts the operator when the lamp has reached its last shot and replacement is necessary. The operator then changes the lamp cartridge – a simple 10 second task, enabling continued use without interruption.

ePulse is a CE Marked product