Safe, effective and simple

No Needles

No Thermal Heating

Non-Surgical & Immediate Results

No Downtime

Many indications – One Solution – Skinject Patented Kinetic Infusion Technology

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Skin Rejuvenation

Hair Restoration

Aged & Sun Damaged Skin


What is Skinject Kinetic Infusion?

Skinject utilises patented Kinetic energy to penetrate Skinject sterile solutions deep into the skin for treating a wide range of aesthetic indications.  This single, innovative, non-thermal and non-surgical solution is suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body.  Our highly concentrated sterile solutions are low molecular weight and are clinically proven to deliver superior and long-lasting clinical results.

Skinject Kinetic Infusion Innovation

Skinject Kinetic Infusion Technology delivers micro particles travelling at supersonic speeds to pre-defined depths and beneath the skin for optimal results.  No needles, no risks of burns, not tissue necrosis.  Just safe, long-lasting results.


What makes Skinject Kinetic Infusion so effective?

Using powerful Kinetic Infusion Technology, the practitioner selects the appropriate Skinject sterile solution according to the client’s skin concerns and projects the solution, which is broken into micro particles, at supersonic speeds, deep into the skin.  This controlled infusion of concentrated hyaluronic acid and cell nutrients, at the optimal depth beneath the skin, also stimulates the skin’s cellular response for regeneration.  Skinject is designed to be used on the most delicate areas of the skin, such as décolleté, neck, chin, cheek area, lips, around the eyes and forehead.


Why Skinject Kinetic Infusion Technology?

The industry’s FIRST aesthetic device powered by patented Kinetic Infusion Technology that provides both practitioners and client with an intense targeted express skin treatment, promoting cell stimulation, with no downtime and no discomfort.