Our Story

About Advanced Skincare

Who we are…


Advanced Skincare is the leading Irish distributor of revolutionary skin care and medical cosmetic technology to the medical and beauty industry, serving both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For almost 20 years, we have provided salons and clinics across the country with innovative devices, revolutionary cosmetics and superior training experiences.

What we do…

Advanced Skincare represents some of the world’s most renowned aesthetic and medical technology brands. We are dedicated to providing a superior overall experience to our clients, with a focus on long term support to ensure our client relationships remain long lasting.

Our team is dedicated to building an in-depth understanding of the brands and products we work with. All of our products are both scientifically and clinically proven to be effective, as well as being tested by us before their release on the Irish market, ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

We are extremely focused on our educational offering, providing comprehensive training programs that give you the knowledge, structure and confidence to perform the most advanced treatments. We believe education is the pillar to success within our industry and hence, we have a dedicated training team to allow for your continuous growth.

As well as this, we provide marketing support through our in-house marketing consultant and continuous clinical support from the entire team at Advanced Skincare.

Your Success

The Advanced Skincare team is committed to your continuous success. Ultimately, it is the strength of our customers’ partnerships that set us apart from any other in the industry. Advanced Skincare’s commitment to customer success is demonstrated by an extensive array of marketing tools, product awareness marketing campaigns on tv, glossy magazines and press media, exceptional customer service and support, highly profitable treatments and effective products that drive consumer satisfaction.